Orange School is an aconfesional school whose main values are those of the Judeo-Christian humanism, recognizing the reality of human trascendence. We are an open, virtual organization, with a collective project. We conceive an integral education of the human being in all of its dimensions (corporal, intelectual, social, affective, artistic, aesthetics, moral, etc.).

We believe that in the first years of development, educational training in the maternal language becomes necessary, so that little by little, a plurilingual education can be a fact, as an open medium to other cultures and beliefs.

Although our educational training is by means of new technologies, we search for a fair balance between the new and the conventional; as well as, between theory and practice. All of it makes necessary the development of self-discipline, understood as the good work of the person towards the attainment of an aim.

We look for educational excellence, and we will be integrated to as much organisations and associations that because of their prestige and innovation, enrich our educational project.

We are based in a collegiate and participative management model.